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The Story 
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As far as I know I' ve always had pets . The very first , I still remember , was an " Easter - chicken ", got it when being with my grandparents because    my mom and dad were both working .Then a bird came ...and a  cat , which my granddad didn't like because he had pigeons ! Finally the dog , a silvergrey poodle .They all lived their lives although I'm not quite sure anymore what concerns the chicken . But I surely loved them all ! When I got married the story continued : a Briard first ,  then a Giant schnauzer and finally the first black and silver miniature .She reminded me , in coat and colour , of my poodle ! She had a long, happy petlife , never had to be bothered about showing . So another miniature joined the family and she was who it started with , Maere Minne Line  , in 1987 . To make a long story shorter , I just want to thank all the people who made it possible for me to be , to breed, to own and to accomplish what I wanted and loved . Thank you :  Peter Newman , gratefull to have met you as the first best friend and help .                    Barry Day.                    Miss Morisson - Bell                    Carol Daniels                    Kurt Garmaker                    Janice Ramel                    Carole Weinberger and Frank                    Janet Taylor                    Cyriel De Meulenaer , no matter if we agreed or not , you gave me a lot to think about and to learn from . A special reminder goes to the late Carol Garmaker , who only needed a few words to understand what I wanted ,  to say what was necessary and also for trusting me . I still miss her in my doggy life . As what I breed mainly goes back to the american lines , most of the honour goes to them . Thank you to the people here and abroad for still being friends and the nice time we always have together . I'm proud to say many of my dogs have international , european or world titles , also proud to see they are in the pedigrees of many other successful breeders ..